A little help from my friends

We see over and over in the book of Acts that Paul needed help from his friends. Whether it was escaping the angry Jewish mob, help when he was new to the faith and could not see, or preaching the glorious Gospel, he did not do it alone.

But, you know, when I think of Paul, I think about this larger than life figure that could do it all. He traveled around the known ancient world, single handedly spreading the Gospel of Christ. Nothing could stop him: shipwreck, disease, whatever his “thorn” was. He was a first century stud!

Well, apparently it wasn’t “single handed”. Even Paul needed a community around him. We also see this in the life of Peter and the other apostles. Neither Peter or Paul or James was a one man show. They built friendships, networked with others in ministry, and mentored young leaders. So, what can we learn from this principle?

Stop trying to do it all on your own.

You need God, and you need others. Ministry is best when it involves community. As leaders, we need to open ourselves up to the positive influence of those around us. Iron sharpens iron. Start to network. Pour your life and lessons learned into those of young leaders. You will not regret it.

How about you? What have you learned about not trying to do it all on your own? Do you believe that the best ministry happens in community?

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  • Kristinia

    Thanks, Matt. It is nice to be reminded of this. Just in the last year I have begun to really start to let others in, and accept help. I am always willing to help others and enjoy doing so, but I have often struggled with being able to accept others help or even admit that I need it at times. We all need a little help and support from good friends from time to time! You are doing a great job with the website and I am looking forward to reading more.

  • Debbie Hall

    I think that when I was at the top of my game of “Doing It By Myself” God placed in my heart and head the concept of: delegate. This meant I forfeited personal control, yet in doing so, I developed a great trust in others. And, the burden was shared, and the job or task was much ‘richer’ because of it. Perhaps this is why I am in love with humanity and “do people” all because that sense of ‘other-ship’ and community is so vital. And right. And what God intended all along. Solid reminder. Now…if only I could get that song outta my head…..