On the twelfth day of Christmas: The Birth of Jesus

It’s Christmas Eve! This single day is filled with more collective anticipation than any other day of the year. It’s also probably one of the most exhausting days of the year! In a few minutes, I’ll be driving for 6+ hours, going to a family Christmas party, attending our church’s Christmas Eve service, and then […]

On the seventh day of Christmas: The Gift of the Magi

Following God is tough. I’m not talking about obeying the rules or being a “good little boy.” But the actual following part. Purpose. God’s will. Are we ever really sure of His plan? We’re in the middle of Advent, which is simply a time to prepare ourselves for Christmas. One of my favorite parts of […]

On the sixth day of Christmas: The Parable of Simeon and Anna

It’s easy to forget that the people that lived in the Bible were actually real people. They were no different than us. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they didn’t know they were going through something that would be written down for generations to see. They didn’t live in some magical time of wizards […]

On the fifth day of Christmas: A Rejected King

Have you ever been rejected? I think that defined a large part of my 20’s! And it never gets easy, does it? Your hopes are up. Your expectations are high. You put yourself out there. And… I won’t even finish that statement. I’ll save us all from living through that pain, again! Once, I sat […]

On the fourth day of Christmas: Less is more

Have you ever felt like you were out of your league? Like you didn’t belong? You knew you were unprepared and unqualified. If you’re a follower of Jesus, that’s great! You’re in very good company. A few years ago,  I was asked to speak at a youth conference for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. If […]

On the third day of Christmas: What’s in a name?

My name is Matt. When your name is Matt, a few things are true. First, do you remember those awkward social situations when you’re meeting new people? A work party at a new job, for example. At those events, someone always reminds me that my name shares similarities with something you wipe your feet on […]