THIS is what Church should be!

On Sunday, I witnessed two separate moments that reminded me exactly why we still need the Church. It wasn’t even my home church. Of course, that doesn’t really matter. I strongly believe in the big “C” Church. The global Church that every Jesus follower belongs to. I love my home church. I have experienced some […]

How to respond when you’ve been burned

We've all been hurt. But how will we allow it to affect our future?

Have you been hurt? Burned? Wounded by someone so deep that you haven’t fully recovered? Maybe someone was passing unnecessary judgement. Or perhaps it was your fault, doing something to betray the trust of your friends. Even worse, you have no idea what happened. You had a friend (or group of friends), and now they […]

The reason Pope Francis is changing the world

The unmatched fame of our current Pope is due to one specific principle

Pope Francis is at the White House. I’m watching the live broadcast of Pope Francis’s visit to the White House and President Obama’s address. No matter where you fall on the religious or political spectrum, you cannot deny the impact and importance of this event. It is a powerful and moving scene. From the President’s […]

Love First: A simple way to live a massively impactful life

Are you a Lover or a fighter? Can we be real for a few moments? While that may sound cool and hip and relevant at first, it actually means we need to have a very tough conversation. We need to ask ourselves the question: As Christians, are we Lovers or fighters? Of course, we want to quickly blurt out LOVERS! […]