Will 2016 be different? Add these 3 goal areas

We are in “no man’s land,” that odd week that exists between Christmas and New Year’s. Sure, it’s still technically 2015, but this week is more like a rift in the time-space continuum. The kids are out of school and we have a limited work week. It’s a strange gift from the heavens. A bonus. […]

On the fifth day of Christmas: A Rejected King

Have you ever been rejected? I think that defined a large part of my 20’s! And it never gets easy, does it? Your hopes are up. Your expectations are high. You put yourself out there. And… I won’t even finish that statement. I’ll save us all from living through that pain, again! Once, I sat […]

Can we really be thankful in such a broken world?

On Thursday, many of us are going to be sitting around a table with family and friends. And before we dive face first into our golden brown turkey leg, yams covered in marshmallows, and a piece of pumpkin pie that looks more like a big pile of whipped cream, someone will ask this question: “What […]

You are more than a follower

Being a Follower of Jesus is important. But you are more than just a follower!

We can follow anything. People, viewpoints, diets. Following is simple. Study the teachings of a person or movement and adopt them as your own. On Twitter, in requires nothing more than a simple click of a button. But there is something much more powerful than being a follower. Being family. At some point in our […]

The best way to teach your children the Bible

Leading your family spiritually is hard. Here is one simple method you can use.

I have three great callings in life. Love my wife well Raise my children to live godly lives Help people grow in their faith and find their purpose in Christ I am humbled and honored to dedicate my life to each of these areas. Nothing brings me greater joy than my wife, my children, and […]

How “Family First” still puts God first

I strongly believe in adopting a “Family First” philosophy. Too many husbands and fathers leave family as a distant second behind work and career. Even hobbies. For parents, our families are our first calling. (You can read more of my thoughts on Family First here) However, one push back some people give to the Family […]