THIS is what Church should be!

On Sunday, I witnessed two separate moments that reminded me exactly why we still need the Church. It wasn’t even my home church. Of course, that doesn’t really matter. I strongly believe in the big “C” Church. The global Church that every Jesus follower belongs to. I love my home church. I have experienced some […]

How to respond when you’ve been burned

We've all been hurt. But how will we allow it to affect our future?

Have you been hurt? Burned? Wounded by someone so deep that you haven’t fully recovered? Maybe someone was passing unnecessary judgement. Or perhaps it was your fault, doing something to betray the trust of your friends. Even worse, you have no idea what happened. You had a friend (or group of friends), and now they […]

God is greater than your past

Quit beating yourself up. That’s my message to you today. Stop putting yourself down. Stop telling yourself you’re worthless. Stop telling yourself you will never reach your potential. Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same negative messages over and over again? You don’t mean to do it. But every time you want […]

Quit Being So Hard On Yourself… Seriously!

What do the voices in your head tell you? And don’t even act like you don’t have voices. We all do! They show up at the most critical of moments- when are making a big decision or stepping out of our comfort zone to live out our purpose. That’s when these little annoying voices show […]

4 Ways to Turn Your Past Mistakes Into a Future Ministry

We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all screwed up. We’ve all sinned. I used to feel so guilty about this. But now I see the beauty. It is through these shortcomings, and only through these shortcomings, that we are able to reach out to other people. I heard a pastor once say that God turns our misery into […]