It’s that time, again! Another year is coming to a close and 2015 is fast approaching. Time for your New Year’s resolution! Ugh.

Do resolutions ever work? NO! In fact, studies say that 25% of people ditch their New Year’s resolution after the first week! After three months, that percentage more than doubles. That’s over half of all people who want to change something in 2015, but won’t. But there are options!

MyHandboundBooks via Compfight cc
MyHandboundBooks via Compfight cc

Set Goals, Not Resolutions!

Resolutions are so… blah! They have no passion and no strategy. New Year’s resolutions are little more than empty dreams or wishful thinking. “I’d like to lose some weight this year.” Too vague. No emotion. Goals, on the other hand, are concrete. You can create a plan to meet them and even break it down into smaller goals. “I will lose 25 lbs. by this summer! I will lose 1 pound per week until I meet my goal. I will track my calories and excercise 3 times per week to achieve my goal.” Now, that’s different! That’s a plan!

Look to the Past to Plan for the Future!

Before we dive into 2015, we need to look back and evaluate what we can from 2014. This can be fun. It can also be really difficult! But this is a proven strategy of highly effective people that have been successful in their lives and careers.

“The first thing high achievers do to set themselves up for a great year is review the current one.” –Michael Hyatt

This includes leaders like John Maxwell and Tony Robbins. Highly successful leaders take at least a day (and sometimes a full week!) to review the previous year and use it as a building block to set goals for the upcoming year. This brings us to our 6 questions.

Earlier this week, I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership podcast.  Ken Coleman was doing a great interview (as he always does! Huge fan). But then, at the very end of the podcast with less than 2 minutes to go, Ken shared somethin incredible. Even if you caught the podcast, you might have missed it. He shared the 6 questions he has been using for years to help him set goals for the New Year. And I’ve gotta tell ya folks (nod to a Ken Coleman phrase), it was flat-out gold. These are simple questions. But like most things in life, simple doesn’t mean easy. But simple is effective! So, here they are…

6 Questions to Help You Prepare for 2015 (credit: Ken Coleman)

  1. Where did I win in 2014?
  2. Why did I win?
  3. Where did I lose in 2014?
  4. Why did I lose?
  5. Where do I want to go in 2015?
  6. How do I get there?

Six questions. That’s all. But these are not easy questions! Currently, I am working through these. I am practicing what I am preaching. Take some time and digest each of these. Write them down! Based on your answers, set goals for 2015. You may be surprised by what you uncover and what you can accomplish!

A Quick Word on Attainable Goals

Conventional wisdom says to set attainable and achievable goals for 2015. I say throw that out the window! New Year’s resolutions are ALWAYS attainable! “I’m going to lose weight in 2015.” Great, lose a pound and you met your goal. But people still don’t feel like they have met their resolution! Maybe the bar is set too low!

This year, I’m setting God-sized goals. If God doesn’t show up, I won’t meet these goals. They are way out of my control! But as a recovering control-freak “take everything into my own hands” and “do only the things that make sense on paper” kind of person, I think this is exactly what needs to happen in 2015!

So, join me! Ask these 6 questions. Set BIG goals. Trust God. Work hard. Hustle.

And may 2015 be the best year, yet!

 [reminder]What goals are you setting in 2015? Have you reviewed 2014? Was it easy? Hard? Once I finish setting my goals for 2015, I’ll share them below. Join me![/reminder]

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