Most of us look for that next big “thing” that is going to change our life. We live under the guise that our lives move from one large event to another, with everything in between being nothing more than mundane details.

Not true.

Our lives are made up by a series of moments: fun moments, hard moments beautiful moments, sad moments, and even painful moments. But every once in a while, and only a handfull of times in your whole life, a moment comes along that is totally unique.

But you will not realize it at the time!

At the time, you will think you are in the middle of just another ordinary moment. But later, years later even, you will think back and remember that moment, the one you hardly noticed at the time, and realize it changed your life forever.

Every moment carries with it a thousand different directions. Every second is packed with opportunity.

You never know when you will say “hi” to your future spouse for the first time.  Or which phone call will bring you closer to living out your purpose. Let’s view each moment with expectancy. Yes, many will go by with little fanfair. But it would serve us well to be ready for the few that really matter.

For more on the subject of the power of moments, check out Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus. It is several years old, but a great book with insight from and Old Testament story.

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