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Hey, I’m Matt, the founder of Phosphorus Project. I am a husband, father, pastor, leader, and dreamerI’m not perfect (not even close!) and have made a lot of mistakes in my life. But it is through these mistakes that I have experienced the incredible grace of a God who loves me deeply. Because of all this, I am on a mission to share the same Faith, Love, and Hope that I have experienced with the world.

What is the Phosphorus Project?

Let’s be honest, the words “christian” and “church” carry some pretty negative feelings in our culture. But when I strip all of this away and simply look at the life of Jesus, this isn’t what I see. Not at all! Jesus was loving and caring, healing the sick and feeding the poor. The only people Jesus ever condemned were the hypocritical, religious leaders!

Maybe you’re a Christian that has attended church for years, but feels like something is missing. Or maybe you were burned by the church years ago, and you are struggling with your faith. Maybe you’ve never really considered yourself a person of faith, but deep down, you are just a little bit curious. This why I created the Phosphorus Project. (Go deeper: What is phosphorus?)

My hope is that the Phosphorus Project will ignite your faith and creativity, and allow you to discover your true purpose in this world.

Jesus said he came to bring us life- and not some boring, “I can’t do anything fun because I’m a Christian and have a million rules” kind of life- but a full, crazy, risky, abundant life!

Don’t you feel like faith should offer a lot more than what we experience in many churches? Faith is all about discovering a creative, vibrant, and passionate life found only in Jesus. Phosphorus project is all about discovering true faith in the context of authentic community. It is a place to ask questions and express your thoughts, even frustrations. 

If this is speaking to your soul right now or stirring something deep inside you, then I encourage you to dive into the Phosphorus Project.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Or check out our Youtube page.

And please feel free to contact me at matt@phosphorusproject.com

Welcome to the Tribe!

-Matt McCarrick

Click to learn more about “phosphorus” and why it is the foundation of the Phosphorus Project

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