The single greatest question we all have to answer

Good Friday. It’s a funny thing isn’t it. Good… Friday. It’s not suffering Friday or sacrificial Friday. Not Savior Friday or Jesus Friday. Of course, it could be any of these. But good. Why good? Maybe the best thing we can call today is good. Yes, we are remembering the day where Jesus acted as […]

THIS is what Church should be!

On Sunday, I witnessed two separate moments that reminded me exactly why we still need the Church. It wasn’t even my home church. Of course, that doesn’t really matter. I strongly believe in the big “C” Church. The global Church that every Jesus follower belongs to. I love my home church. I have experienced some […]

I think I’m afraid to be like Jesus

I have a quick thought for you guys today. Maybe a little bit of a confession. Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast by Francis Chan, and he kept mentioning this one phrase. Filled with the fullness of God. And I have to tell you, it started to get to me a little bit. Does […]

What is God Doing When Life Sucks?

Good morning, Light Bearers! We are doing something a little new where I want to dive a little deeper into our One Verse for that day. I work hard to make sure every one of our One Verse videos are not pulled out of context, and I am teaching you the true meaning of the verse […]

You are more than a follower

Being a Follower of Jesus is important. But you are more than just a follower!

We can follow anything. People, viewpoints, diets. Following is simple. Study the teachings of a person or movement and adopt them as your own. On Twitter, in requires nothing more than a simple click of a button. But there is something much more powerful than being a follower. Being family. At some point in our […]

The best way to teach your children the Bible

Leading your family spiritually is hard. Here is one simple method you can use.

I have three great callings in life. Love my wife well Raise my children to live godly lives Help people grow in their faith and find their purpose in Christ I am humbled and honored to dedicate my life to each of these areas. Nothing brings me greater joy than my wife, my children, and […]

The toughest, manliest thing a guy can do

What is a man these days? There’s a lot of discussion in our culture about the roles of men. So, what is a man in 2015? How do you know if you’re on the right path to becoming a man? What would that look like? Is there a measuring stick to know when you have […]

Prayer is a powerful thing. I don’t think we can ever get enough!

I want to support you. I want to encourage you. If you leave a comment on this photo, email me ( or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter, I WILL pray for you. No gimmicks. I’ll even write you and let you know I did it. I care about your future. And guess what?

God cares more!