For years, I served at a church called The Crux in Fishers, Indiana. I truly loved this church. When I was going through some of the most difficult stuff of my life, this church welcomed me in. The pastor, the staff, and the people showed me that God still loved me and still had a place for my life through His grace. Much of what has shaped Phosphorus goes all the way back to those years at The Crux. Sadly, this church no longer exists today. But I found a video this week that I did probably 8 years ago! I loved creating worship environments through creative video.

The series was called Ethos. Each week had a different theme and “heart logo”. Week 1- Awake (heart on fire); Week 2- Equip (heart in a wrench); Week 3- Empower (heart with wings). We used simple play sand on a makeshift plexiglass table. We then placed a par-64 can light on the floor shining up through the plexiglass and positioned a camera above my head facing down. I wish I would have taken it off auto focus! Even though this was a long time ago, I still love this video. Let me know what you think!

Awake, Equip, and Empower… The role of the Church!

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