I Am Not Perfect

I am not perfect.

I. Am. Not. Perfect.

Crazy, right?! Actually, I have no problem believing this. I can easily look back at my life and see mistakes and struggles along the way. My past is filled with poor choices.

And honestly, I am ok with that.

The story of my life is not one of perfection, but of grace. I have come to terms with my mistakes and shortcomings because I have seen the love and grace of an amazing God that loves me.  So, yes, I have screwed up. Yes, I have regrets. (Anyone that says they have no regrets is selfish… and lying. We all have people that we have hurt and decisions we wish we could take back. Don’t fall for this ‘no regret’ trap. But come to terms with it.) But, through all of this, I know God loves me, cares for me, and has a plan for me.  I am not perfect. But that won’t hold me back… (more…)

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