3 Things you can do when God goes silent

Have you ever experienced God’s silence? I’m guessing you have, unless your prayers have never gone deeper than those of a college freshman. “Dear, God, I know I haven’t studied at all and I stayed up all night playing Xbox Live, but I would really appreciate an ‘A’ on this quiz! If I pass this […]

I am totally scared of you

Yes, I’m talking to you. I am scared of you. Totally. Completely. 100%. It’s not because of what you may think. It has nothing to do with your appearance or how much money you make. I would have no problem meeting you in any type of social setting. No, you don’t freak me out. I’m […]

What’s In It For Me?

We all come to faith for selfish reasons. But have you stayed there? Normally, religion and selfishness don’t mix too well. As a matter of fact, when we usually hear the world selfish in the context of spirituality, it is for a very bad reason. Selfishness is not a positive character trait. It’s a mistake to live […]

Sometimes (God’s) Love Hurts

Deep down, we live with this belief that love will give us everything that we want. It will fulfill us and tell us what we want to hear. Love will guide us to positive emotions and mornings filled with perfect cups of coffee and heart shaped pancakes. Love will be that soft, warm blanket that […]

You Don’t Have to be Rich or Famous to be Interesting

You don’t even have to drink Dos Equis. Vanilla is great in ice cream, not in life. My wife, Kristen, and I have an ongoing argument that involves ice cream. This argument goes beyond “What is the best flavor?” It drills down to the very heart of the matter… the ice cream base. She loves just […]

Quit Being So Hard On Yourself… Seriously!

What do the voices in your head tell you? And don’t even act like you don’t have voices. We all do! They show up at the most critical of moments- when are making a big decision or stepping out of our comfort zone to live out our purpose. That’s when these little annoying voices show […]