Your Storm Will Pass and the Dawn Will Come

I can remember the calmest day I’ve ever seen in my life. I remember this day because it came after the worst storm I have ever experienced.

I grew up 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and we had two things: corn and tornados. For some crazy reason, I decided to go to college in Pensacola, Florida. I packed my bags and headed South in the Fall of 1995. Two months later, Hurricane Opal hit Pensacola. I lived my entire life in tornado country and less than two months after moving from home, I get hit by a category 4 hurricane!

Some guys have all the luck.Hurricane_Opal

For about 14 hours, 80 guys were crammed into the hallway on our dorm’s floor. It pretty much sucked. But outside, the storm was raging. A few weeks later, I went down to Pensacola Beach, and it was a devastated. They used heavy machinery to pile up the pavement and other debris. The piles were at least 15-20 feet high for as long as you could see. This was a serious storm, and I had never seen anything like it.

As bad as the storm was, as an 18-year-old kid in his first semester of college, I only had one thought on my mind… No classes tomorrow! I was looking forward to an extra day off to do whatever I wanted to do.

But the “no class” announcement never came. Actually, all classes were scheduled, even my first period P.E. class (I was a freshman!). I was not happy about it. The field was going to be soggy, and it was going to be a crappy day.

Then I walked outside. (more…)

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