The reason Pope Francis is changing the world

The unmatched fame of our current Pope is due to one specific principle

Pope Francis is at the White House. I’m watching the live broadcast of Pope Francis’s visit to the White House and President Obama’s address. No matter where you fall on the religious or political spectrum, you cannot deny the impact and importance of this event. It is a powerful and moving scene. From the President’s […]

How to get the most out of your Bible reading

Today is going to be different. How many times have you said that when you opened your Bible? Today will be different. I am going to start my day with God, I will find an amazing verse that speaks to me, and I will feel myself growing deeper in my faith! Then reality hits. We […]

How “Family First” still puts God first

I strongly believe in adopting a “Family First” philosophy. Too many husbands and fathers leave family as a distant second behind work and career. Even hobbies. For parents, our families are our first calling. (You can read more of my thoughts on Family First here) However, one push back some people give to the Family […]

What the 9/11 tragedy can teach us about our faith

Today is September 11th. Before 2001, that would mean nothing. Now, it means everything. This morning, I have been on Google looking at image after image of the attacks and the aftermath. It’s heart wrenching. Like millions of Americans, I was watching the live television broadcast after the first plane hit. We were watching, live, […]

3 Things you can do when God goes silent

Have you ever experienced God’s silence? I’m guessing you have, unless your prayers have never gone deeper than those of a college freshman. “Dear, God, I know I haven’t studied at all and I stayed up all night playing Xbox Live, but I would really appreciate an ‘A’ on this quiz! If I pass this […]

What’s In It For Me?

We all come to faith for selfish reasons. But have you stayed there? Normally, religion and selfishness don’t mix too well. As a matter of fact, when we usually hear the world selfish in the context of spirituality, it is for a very bad reason. Selfishness is not a positive character trait. It’s a mistake to live […]

Sometimes (God’s) Love Hurts

Deep down, we live with this belief that love will give us everything that we want. It will fulfill us and tell us what we want to hear. Love will guide us to positive emotions and mornings filled with perfect cups of coffee and heart shaped pancakes. Love will be that soft, warm blanket that […]

It’s Ok To Have Doubts About Your Faith

I’m a skeptic. I have a hard time taking things at face value, especially in today’s culture. If I get an email from my bank or Paypal about my account, I never click the links. I delete the email and then open up a second window on my own. If I read a story online, […]