Faith is more than a Sitcom Religion

Danny Tanner was the perfect dad. He cooked, he cleaned, and he still made time for some amazing family adventures. He was kind and calm. He could cook dinner, help with homework, and finish your little sister’s craft project… all at the same time. No matter what was going on in life, he always had the right answer.

The problem, of course, is that Danny Tanner wasn’t real. Every Friday night, Full House came on our T.V. fullhouseAnyone remember TGIF! I was a Perfect Strangers fan, myself. But my sister loved Full House. And looking back, I can’t blame her. It was 30 minutes of pure magic. The Tanner family had more fun than any real family, ever! And best of all, they had Danny as a dad. Each and every week, one of the girls would have a life-altering crisis. But just a hug and a few words from Danny Tanner and everything was perfect. This happened every single week. No matter how bad a situation was, it was resolved by the end of every show. From heartache to joy in under 3o minutes.

Sadly, this how we want to approach our faith. (more…)

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Awake, Equip, Empower (Sand Motion Art)

For years, I served at a church called The Crux in Fishers, Indiana. I truly loved this church. When I was going through some of the most difficult stuff of my life, this church welcomed me in. The pastor, the staff, and the people showed me that God…

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Telling God What to Do (The Real Story of Palm Sunday)

Palm Sunday is a day known for celebration, pageantry and pomp and circumstance. Every year, the Sunday morning service kicks off with parents frantically trying to get that perfect picture of their child waving palm branches down the center aisle. The band always plays a little bit louder on…

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What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?
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Coach Vince Lombardi is a legend in the professional football world. He won the first two Superbowls and the trophy is named after him today. He coached some of the toughest and most skilled football players of his time. But every season, he began his opening day speech the same way. Lombardi would stand in front of these battle-tested champions in silence, surveying the room. Finally, he would raise his arm, ball in hand, and methodically say, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

When it comes to Faith, it is easy to get caught up in all the things we are supposed to do- pray, go to church, be kind, don’t do this or that. But really, that is just learning how to live out our Faith. If we want to learn about the core of our spirituality, we would have to start with the Bible.

But what is the Bible?

Photo Credit: noerden_dk via
Photo Credit: noerden_dk via

Does that sound like a stupid question? We know what the Bible is, right? Of course, those football players probably knew what a football was, too. But when was the last time you really thought about the Bible? I am not talking about the last time you opened it or read it. Let’s take a step back. What is this thing we hold in our hands? (more…)

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Does Your Faith Seem Confusing?

Do you remember Far Side comics? They were filled with animals talking, especially cows and giant insects. And they were hilarious! I was always amazed that they could cram so much humor into one little comic window. If you aren’t familiar, take a minute and go here (I’ve done the hard work for you of putting Far Side into Google Image Search. You’re welcome).

One of the classic Far Sides is a student pushing on a door.FarSide All he wants is to get to school on time! So he is pushing with his whole body. Except the door says “pull”. Oh, and the sign out front says “school for the gifted!

I don’t know about you, but this comic feels a lot like my faith sometimes! I‘ve been doing this Christian thing for a long time. I’ve gone to church. My parents took me to Sunday School. I have degrees in this stuff. I feel like I am attending the Christian school for the gifted. I have a lot of head knowledge.

But when it comes to living out my faith in the real world, I feel like I am pushing on a door that says pull. Have you ever felt this way? Things don’t quite go the way I expect. I think I have all the right verses and know all the right answers. But then life shows up, and I flunk the quiz.


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Learning To Let Go -or- My Son The Thief

About a year ago, my son discovered cell phones. Every parent experiences this at some point. We were still living in Indiana and Noah was three. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but suddenly and with no warning at all, Noah wanted Mommy’s and Daddy’s cell phone. He finally discovered that our phones were different from his phone. His Micky Mouse cell phone just beeped a few times and gave a nice greeting from the Disney character. But Mommy’s and Daddy’s cell phones had games. If you pressed the right buttons, their cell phones would call Nana or Mama. He was hooked. If a cell phone was left unguarded, it was soon at the disposal of a three-year old.


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The Need for Something New

In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg was making polished metal mirrors. Not Bibles. He had taken a considerable amount of money from investors and was gearing up for a major exhibit featuring relics of Emperor Charlemagne. But disaster struck. A major flood hit the city and the exhibit was postponed for an entire year. Gutenberg was out of money and out of time. But he was not out of ideas!

It was time for something new.  (more…)

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18 Questions the Church in America Needs to be Asking

The Church in America will either adapt or die. Here are some questions we need to be asking…

  • Why has the Church lost so much influence over the past 75 years?
  • How can the Church regain its voice in a culture that finds it irrelevant and out of touch?
  • How can the Church reach out to families of children with special needs?
  • How can we leverage social media to spread an authentic message?
  • How we unify so many denominations and other sub groups in order to remove barriers to spreading the Gospel?
  • How do we reach both people’s spiritual needs and physical needs?
  • How can we… (more…)

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Are You Writing Yourself Out of Your Own Story?

Jesus worked in stories.

He was truly the master storyteller. While the religious elite spoke in lofty prayers and set unreachable standards, Jesus met the people where they were in the wilderness and towns. And He told them stories.

This is brilliant because every one of us wants to find ourselves in a story. When we look back on our lives, we don’t want the narrative of our life to merely be a list of rules- do’s and don’ts– but an adventure. And that is exactly what Jesus has offered! He invites us into the greatest adventure the world has ever known!

But wait. (more…)

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I Am…

(This is part of a series unpacking the elements of the Phosphorus Manifesto.)


We are not defined by our past mistakes but by our identity in Christ.

-The Phosphorus Manifesto


I have messed up in life. I’ve messed up bad.

I have experienced pain, guilt, depression and regret. And they were all my fault.

Maybe you have experienced something similar.

 But here is where the story takes a turn…

I am a child of God! (more…)

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