Code of Conduct

The Phosphorus Project is a journey. These are the rules of the road.

  • Light on the Language.

Use the language you need to paint a word picture and get your point across. Just lay off the f-bombs and G-d’s.

  • No debates or  getting caught up in denominational specific topics.

We are only looking for honest dialogue and questions. This is not a forum to debate infant baptism or speaking in tongues. Try these topics instead: How I connect with my Faith; I’m a little angry at God right now; or Discovering my purpose in life. Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or challenge people in their faith.

  • Build up others. Don’t tear them down.

  • Speak truth in love.

This is a community. Not everyone will agree. We encourage healthy discussion and personal challenges to the community. But as you do this, seek love first and not your need to be right or put someone in their place.

  • No spam, junk, phishing, or mindless self-promotion.

Linking to a viable resource as a part of a real conversation is acceptable. But this isn’t your personal billboard, either.

  • No porn. Obviously.

  • No racists or bigoted comments.

This will not be tolerated. Period.

  • No fake accounts or imitating others.

I am not interested in fake. I want real people with real problems doing their best to discover a real faith.

  • Don’t publish other people’s private info.

  • No libel.

That’s slander in print, people.

  • No violent threats.

By participating in the Phosphorus Project, you agree to these terms of service. Phosphorus Project and its owners can revoke anyone’s use at any time for violation of the rules stated above.


If you see any violations of this Code of Conduct, please report abuse at 




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