Faith is more than a Sitcom Religion

Danny Tanner was the perfect dad. He cooked, he cleaned, and he still made time for some amazing family adventures. He was kind and calm. He could cook dinner, help with homework, and finish your little sister’s craft project… all at the same time. No matter what was going on in life, he always had the right answer.

The problem, of course, is that Danny Tanner wasn’t real. Every Friday night, Full House came on our T.V. fullhouseAnyone remember TGIF! I was a Perfect Strangers fan, myself. But my sister loved Full House. And looking back, I can’t blame her. It was 30 minutes of pure magic. The Tanner family had more fun than any real family, ever! And best of all, they had Danny as a dad. Each and every week, one of the girls would have a life-altering crisis. But just a hug and a few words from Danny Tanner and everything was perfect. This happened every single week. No matter how bad a situation was, it was resolved by the end of every show. From heartache to joy in under 3o minutes.

Sadly, this how we want to approach our faith.

Sitcom Religion

From Full House to Friends to Scrubs to The Big Bang Theory, all of us have been influenced by situation comedies. Since I Love Lucy was on the air, we’ve been watching serious life situations all be healed and fixed in 30 minutes or less. I think this has affected our faith. We’ve watched these shows for so long, that we have created a sort of sitcom religion. We come to church on Sunday morning and expect our issues to be healed and resolved during the pastor’s sermon. Hey, 30 minutes or less! But it doesn’t work, does it? Life is still hard. Our problems are still there. And our heart is still broken.

Called to Follow

But faith was never meant to be a “30 minutes or less” activity. Faith isn’t really about our activity at all. Religion is all about activity. Faith is about relationship. And relationships always take more than 30 minutes a week to grow. God doesn’t want sitcom religion from us. He wants us to follow Him. Listen to the words of Jesus…

Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. -Matthew 10:38-39

Jesus is calling us to give our life. Being a follower (of anything) takes time and commitment. So let’s be honest and put things out on the table. If any of us our simply showing up to church each Sunday, that’s not gonna cut it. That is Full House religion. But Jesus isn’t Danny Tanner. Jesus expects more. He calls for our lives.

Become a Follower

Easter is coming in just a few short days. So, I am going to challenge you to rethink your faith. Have you let yourself get so busy or worried with life, that you are only experiencing sitcom religion? It won’t last. Trust me. You’ll wake up one day and be mad at God because nothing has changed in your life. But it can’t. The only place life gets resolved in 30 minutes a week is on Full House. Instead, I challenge you to become a true follower of Christ.

You don’t have to know all of the answers. At first, a follower simply watches and listens. Over time, things will change. Healing will happen.  Your life will change. And you will finally be free from sitcom religion.

And with that, there is really only one thing to say…

Have mercy!


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