How “Family First” still puts God first

I strongly believe in adopting a “Family First” philosophy. Too many husbands and fathers leave family as a distant second behind work and career. Even hobbies.

For parents, our families are our first calling. (You can read more of my thoughts on Family First here) However, one push back some people give to the Family First mindset is that we should be putting God first. I believe that adopting a Family First mentality still puts God first. Here’s how.

Our Faith is our Foundation

Family First does not mean God is second. Actually, God isn’t even in the same category. He is our foundation, and Jesus is the cornerstone. God is not worried or jealous of a Family First mentality. According to Genesis 2 and 1 Timothy 3, our family is our first calling. God is the one that charged us with loving, supporting, and caring for our families. He is honored when we honor our family. A biblical Family First philosophy stands on the solid rock foundation of our faith in God. We can still put God first and our families first. There is no competition.

Grow closer to your family by growing closer to God

In Ephesians, chapter five, God gives us an example of how we should treat our families.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. –Ephesians 5:25

How do we love our families? Like Christ loves us. Wow! That’s a high goal to reach. But there is a principle here. The closer we get to God, the more we will love our families in a godly way. Or you can put it this way:

Family First means putting God first. There is no distinction.

If you aren’t putting God first in your life, you aren’t loving your family to your full capacity.

If you want the best for your family, you’ll lead them to Jesus

Yes, you need to grow closer to God. But so does your family. Our family is our greatest legacy. So, if you are going to put your Family First, you will teach them and train them to follow after Jesus. Yes, it is ultimately up to them. I know some amazing parents who have children that are struggling with their faith. That must be so hard. But it is our jobs, as parents, to do all we can with the time we have. If you want to leave a legacy of faith, start now.

Don’t be afraid of the Family First lifestyle. It isn’t a competition with God and He isn’t worried. Family First honors God because you place God as the foundation and you are valuing what He values.

Grow close to God.

Love your family.

Lead them close to God, too.

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