How to be Amazing

Bill Murray is amazing.

I love amazing people. Don’t you?  Every so often, we all run into somone or hear a story about a person that does life different. Maybe they’re successful in a way that goes agaisnt the status quo or live a simple life you find refreshing. Other amazing people are making huge impacts with their words, their work, or their art.

And then there is Bill Murray.

Yes, that Bill Murray. Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Garfield. Ok, maybe not Garfield. Bill (I call him Bill) doesn’t even claim that one! Over the years, Bill Murray has become more than an A-list movie star that other actors look up to. He has become an urban legend. Do a simple Google search for “Stories of Bill Murray” and you will come up with the craziest, funniest, coolest- and TRUE!- stories ever. Here’s a few:

  • Bill thinks autographs are boring, so he filmed a slow-mo walk with a group of guys.
  • He showed up to a college party and then did the dishes.
  • He crashed an engagement photo shoot by trying to make them laugh and then said yes to being in a few pictures.
  • Bill sang karaoke with total strangers.

The list goes on and on and on. He is generous, hilarious, and kind. He is amazing.

What is Amazing?

As amazing (and awesome!) as those stories are, what does it really mean to be amazing? I sure didn’t star in some of the greatest American nostalgia films of the past 25 years! So, I can’t exactly play out the “Bill Murray model of amazing.” If I crash a photo shoot or show up to someone’s place and start doing dishes, I get arrested! You, too!

Fortunately, this isn’t the type of amazing we are talking about. But it does give us a glimpse of what amazing looks like. The dictionary defines amazing as “causing great surprise or sudden wonder.” This is the Bill Murray type of amazing. He causes surprise and wonder. But I thing amazing goes deeper than that.

Being truly amazing is giving of yourself to other people.

Amazing isn’t about us. It’s about others.

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How to become Amazing

What’s the trick, then? How can I, can we, become amazing? Well, first, it’s no trick. It’s actually kind of crazy. And hard. Yep, it’s crazy hard! But its’ something we’re all capable of doing for those who are willing to put in the time and the effort!

I’d like to tell you it was easy, and simple, and you could get it done today. But if that were true, we would know more amazing people, wouldn’t we? Amazing is rare. So, it must take work and patience and dedication. But that’s ok. Start slow. Start today. And you’ll be living an amazing life before you know it!

Now let’s begin.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you. -‭‭Joshua‬ ‭3:5‬

Um, how cool would that be? I would love to look at you and say, “Tomorrow, God is going to do amazing things through you!” Wow! Yea, I want that! You probably do, too. (If you don’t, I don’t think this is the blog for you.)

As cool as that verse is, we have a tendency to skip the first part. Consecrate yourselves. Consecrate? What does that mean? The act of consecration always had to do with sacrifice. (Whaaaaat???!!!) Yep. Sacrifice. The priest would consecrate the animals before a sacrifice was given. This meant the animals were prepared and “set apart” for the holy offering.

So, wait. You’re telling me that in order to be amazing, I have to offer myself as a “set apart” sacrifice?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Remember all that “this is going to be crazy hard” stuff earlier?

But you are reading from the Old Testament.

Good point.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:1-2‬

As hard as it may be to wrap our heads around, the Bible is clear: We are called to be a living sacrifice for God. But sacrifce and living don’t exactly go together. And there’s the rub. How do we live as a sacrifice? Because if we can get this figured out, the benefits are clear: Learn God’s will and live a life where God does amazing things through us. Now, that’s a payoff!

How do we do it, then? How do we become a sacrifice? By living a surrendered life. We give up our agendas, our pride, and our own self-preservation. We leave it all in God’s hands. And if we do this, if we are willing to sacrifice through surrender, I believe something amazing will happen in your life.

How? One reason:

A surrendered life is filled with God potential!

Surrender your rights.

Surrender you agenda.

Surrender your “one more thing” that is holding you back.

Surrender your worries and anxiety.


Because a surrendered life is filled with God potential. I am no longer concerned with my potential. You can have it. I am weak and frail and human. I will trade this for “God potential” any day!

So, don’t believe the lie that giving yourself away to God means losing out.

It’s the only way to be truly AMAZING!

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