(This is part of a series unpacking the elements of the Phosphorus Manifesto.)


We are not defined by our past mistakes but by our identity in Christ.

-The Phosphorus Manifesto


I have messed up in life. I’ve messed up bad.

I have experienced pain, guilt, depression and regret. And they were all my fault.

Maybe you have experienced something similar.

 But here is where the story takes a turn…

I am a child of God!

That means that all my actions and all of my bad choices have been erased.

I have experienced love, grace, forgiveness, and restoration. And they were all God’s plan!

No matter how bad you have screwed things up in your life, I am here to tell you that God still wants you.

Phosphorus is building a community of people that refuse to be defined by our past mistakes. We choose to find our identity in the Savior that has given us life, hope, and a future!

No more letting other people look down on us or ignorantly judge us!

No more feelings of shame every time we look in the mirror.


We are not defined by our actions of sin, but by our acceptance of a Savior!

If you have never heard this before, let me be the first to tell you…

No matter what you have done or how low you have gotten in life, God is waiting.

And He has a new life for you!


I have messed up. But I am a child of God!


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