I Am Not Perfect

I am not perfect.

I. Am. Not. Perfect.

Crazy, right?! Actually, I have no problem believing this. I can easily look back at my life and see mistakes and struggles along the way. My past is filled with poor choices.

And honestly, I am ok with that.

The story of my life is not one of perfection, but of grace. I have come to terms with my mistakes and shortcomings because I have seen the love and grace of an amazing God that loves me.  So, yes, I have screwed up. Yes, I have regrets. (Anyone that says they have no regrets is selfish… and lying. We all have people that we have hurt and decisions we wish we could take back. Don’t fall for this ‘no regret’ trap. But come to terms with it.) But, through all of this, I know God loves me, cares for me, and has a plan for me.  I am not perfect. But that won’t hold me back… (more…)

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Learning To Let Go -or- My Son The Thief

About a year ago, my son discovered cell phones. Every parent experiences this at some point. We were still living in Indiana and Noah was three. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but suddenly and with no warning at all, Noah wanted Mommy’s and Daddy’s cell phone. He finally discovered that our phones were different from his phone. His Micky Mouse cell phone just beeped a few times and gave a nice greeting from the Disney character. But Mommy’s and Daddy’s cell phones had games. If you pressed the right buttons, their cell phones would call Nana or Mama. He was hooked. If a cell phone was left unguarded, it was soon at the disposal of a three-year old.


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The Need for Something New

In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg was making polished metal mirrors. Not Bibles. He had taken a considerable amount of money from investors and was gearing up for a major exhibit featuring relics of Emperor Charlemagne. But disaster struck. A major flood hit the city and the exhibit was postponed for an entire year. Gutenberg was out of money and out of time. But he was not out of ideas!

It was time for something new.  (more…)

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18 Questions the Church in America Needs to be Asking

The Church in America will either adapt or die. Here are some questions we need to be asking…

  • Why has the Church lost so much influence over the past 75 years?
  • How can the Church regain its voice in a culture that finds it irrelevant and out of touch?
  • How can the Church reach out to families of children with special needs?
  • How can we leverage social media to spread an authentic message?
  • How we unify so many denominations and other sub groups in order to remove barriers to spreading the Gospel?
  • How do we reach both people’s spiritual needs and physical needs?
  • How can we… (more…)

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Are You Writing Yourself Out of Your Own Story?

Jesus worked in stories.

He was truly the master storyteller. While the religious elite spoke in lofty prayers and set unreachable standards, Jesus met the people where they were in the wilderness and towns. And He told them stories.

This is brilliant because every one of us wants to find ourselves in a story. When we look back on our lives, we don’t want the narrative of our life to merely be a list of rules- do’s and don’ts– but an adventure. And that is exactly what Jesus has offered! He invites us into the greatest adventure the world has ever known!

But wait. (more…)

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I Am…

(This is part of a series unpacking the elements of the Phosphorus Manifesto.)


We are not defined by our past mistakes but by our identity in Christ.

-The Phosphorus Manifesto


I have messed up in life. I’ve messed up bad.

I have experienced pain, guilt, depression and regret. And they were all my fault.

Maybe you have experienced something similar.

 But here is where the story takes a turn…

I am a child of God! (more…)

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John Lennon Was Wrong

All you need is love -John Lennon

Yea, I don’t think so.

It sounds lovely doesn’t it? But I would like some clarification.

Are we talking marriage, career, life in general? Or is love some magic pill that if we can figure that out, then everything will be ok? And if that is true, what about when life just flat out sucks? Did we just not love enough?

See, we want to believe that all we need is love. It sounds almost… easy. I can’t control love. So, if something doesn’t go my way, I guess it wasn’t my fault.

Clearly, it was my ex-wife’s.

Or is there something more? Something beyond love that we need? I think so.

As important as love is, it takes more than just this one element to be successful in life- in your marriage, in your spiritual life, or in your career.

It takes commitment. Love without commitment is infatuation. (more…)

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Adapt or Die

One of the most interesting things to keep up with over the past few years has been all the crazy changes in the music and book industries. I can still remember when CD’s first came out in the those huge cardboard boxes that were twice the size of the actual CD. Then there was Napster. You could download a song in 5-7 minutes! My mind was blown. But as music went digital, the very industry that was creating the music had no idea how to adapt with the changing culture. And it suffered huge losses.

Fast forward about 10 years and we find the book industry in the same position. This time, Amazon took a page out of Apple’s playbook and did their best to get ahead of the curve with the Kindle. It exploded.

This week, Amazon took another leap in its ability to adapt to cultural change. They announced the Kindle Zero. This is a FREE Kindle for its Prime members. An excellent piece of hardware… free. Traditional strategy says this is crazy. But these days, traditional strategies are constantly being challenged. Or blown up completely.

The Church can learn a lot from Apple and Amazon.

But… (more…)

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World Changers

A few years ago, John Mayer released a song entitled, “Waiting on the World to Change”. Did this song frustrate anyone other than me?

It raised a good discussion, but there was no resolution. No action required. Who wants to wait on change? Do we really want to see a need that requires change, but then simply wait on someone else to do something about it?

Do we want to be “Change Waiters” or “World Changers”?

No one ever made a difference by waiting, by hesitating, or by stalling. Change agents take action! Aggressive, passionate, “I have to do this right now or I will wither up and die” type of action!

So, can we do it? Can we be the ones who stop waiting and start doing. Can we be people of action. Can we be more than just good ideas, but carry those ideas out to finishing? Or more specifically… WILL we do it? (more…)

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