Playgrounds and Purpose

My son loves slides. My little daredevil, Noah, cannot get enough of this old playground attraction. And he is no respecter of slides! Whether it is the miniature version actually made for his age or its much bigger brother (that give daddy a small heart attack every time he goes down), he loves every second of the ride.

But the ride is only the end of the adventure. The journey begins on the ground, looking up at the amazing opportunity that awaits him. And the only way to get from here to there is to tackle those intimidating stairs. Now, for you and me, these stairs pose no challenge. But for my undersized one-year-old, they might as well be Mount Kilimanjaro. Yet, he persists! Slowly, he pulls himself up, just enough to get the edge of his toe on the stair, allowing him to pull up the rest of his little body. Then, he must do it all again. and again. and again, until he pulls himself up to that last level. Finally, he sits down, pauses as if to savor this moment, and then, whoosh! down the slide he goes for his exciting ride… that lasts all of 2 seconds! And as soon as it is over, he runs back to the stairs to do it all again. Slowly up the stairs. Quickly down the slide. Circle around to the beginning. Over and over, he works long and hard (for a toddler!) and is rewarded with the ultimate prize.

I couldn’t help but ask myself the question: Am I willing to put in the hard work to one day experience the ultimate prize? Am I willing to conquer the difficult challenges? Am I willing to put up with the tedious and mundane tasks? Am I willing to climb those stairs in order to get to the slide? And what is the slide for me?

Our ultimate prize will be to operate daily in the Purpose that God has laid out for each of us. So, your slide is different than my slide. But we will accomplish the same goal. Through hard work and perseverance (and keeping our eyes on Christ!), we will finally be able to discover our purpose and experience the joy of living out our passions. So, stay strong and work hard at climbing those stairs. It will take time. But eventually you will reach your prize, discover your purpose, and finally enjoy the ride!

I love to hear about people’s vision and purpose for their life. What is your purpose? Maybe it is a dream that you have never shared. I challenge you to comment below and let this be the first step in sharing your dream with the world!

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