What is God Doing When Life Sucks?

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We are doing something a little new where I want to dive a little deeper into our One Verse for that day. I work hard to make sure every one of our One Verse videos are not pulled out of context, and I am teaching you the true meaning of the verse to the very best of my knowledge and ability, with God’s help. But, we can always go deeper! Two minutes and one verse only scratch the surface. Today’s One Verse, Jeremiah 33:3, is a great example.

What is God Doing When Life Sucks?

For Jeremiah, known as the Weeping Prophet, life wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops. God called him to live a tough life in many ways. Jeremiah was faithful, but it wasn’t easy. Our One Verse today from Jeremiah 33 actually happens while he is in jail. How can a “man of God” be thrown in jail? For doing what God told him! Jeremiah was telling the Babylonian kings some stuff they didn’t want to hear, and they threw him in jail for it.

I’ve never been in jail, but I can sure understand what it means to be in a very low place in life. Can’t you? Sometimes, life just flat out sucks. And, as Christians, we have to be able to admit that! Sometimes we act like we can’t have a bad day. If we don’t float through life with some ken doll cheesy smile on our faces, then we’re afraid people will think our faith is weak.

But I’ve found that being honest with our faith is the best way to give the glory back to God! He never said it would be easy. Actually, He said the opposite! Jesus warned us that we would have troubles in this life. But this brings up one very important question:

What is God doing when life sucks?

Is He around? What is He thinking? Does He have a plan? The super-righteous, uber-Christian side of our personality (we all have it on some level! We just have to kick it to the curb!) would say, “Of course, God has a plan!” while the whole time we would actually be thinking, “Man, I hope God has a plan!”

Some things don’t change in a few thousand years, because Jeremiah thought the same thing! From prison, he prays to God (chapter 32). He praises God and lifts Him up. But… At the end of the prayer, He “reminds” God, “Yeah, but things SUCK right now!” (That’s King James)

God Cares… And He’s Got This!

There are a lot of stories in the Bible where God is a little quiet. This isn’t one of them! In this part of Jeremiah’s life, God is having an ongoing conversation with the prophet. And that is GREAT news for us, because it uncovers exactly what God is thinking–and what He is doing–when life takes a turn for the worse.

After Jeremiah finishes his prayer, God immediately responds to him!

 Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah: “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? -Jeremiah 32:26-27

Lesson #1: Nothing is too big for God!

God’s got this! He reminds Jeremiah who He is.  This is the God of Moses that parted the Red Sea. This is the God of Joseph that saved his family from famine. This is the God of Adam that created the entire world. Prison? Not a problem.

Bills? Bankruptcy? Divorce? Medical problems? None of these are too big for God! Life may suck right now. We are entering the holiday season that is every bit as painful for a lot of people as it is joyous for others. And God is bigger than all of it! Nothing is too big for Him. He’s got this, even if you can’t see the whole picture right now.

Lesson #2: God has a plan

This brings us to today’s One Verse.

While Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard, the word of the Lord came to him a second time: “This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it—the Lord is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ -Jeremiah 33:1-3

When we put this verse (vs. 3) into the context of the story, it carries so much meaning! Here Jeremiah is, sitting in jail for doing exactly what God told Him do. He is down and cries out to God. And God answers! And what does He say?

“Call to me, and I will answer you.”

I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear that. Maybe it isn’t always as clear as it was to Jeremiah, but the truth is clear:

We call.

God answers.

If you are in a place where you need to hear from God, hold on. Sometimes He makes us wait. Trust me, I know how hard that can be. But he has heard you! And He has a plan…

“I will tell you things you do not know.”

When I filmed my One Verse video, I thought, “Wow this is cool. God wants to share with us the secrets of the universe.” And that’s true. There is a story going on that we can’t see, and God is willing for us to participate in this story. But as I read this story more, I realized this verse is even better than that! Right after this, God lays out His entire plan to Jeremiah. It’s a little graphic, so we won’t go into it here. But here’s the lesson. God has a plan. He always has a plan! Let’s put it another way (excuse the double negatives!):

There is NEVER a time when God is not working behind the scenes on your behalf!

That’s so good, go ahead and Tweet that out!

No matter what you are going through, God is working behind the scenes. Even if you can’t seem Him working… He’s working. Even if you can’t feel Him working… He’s working!

What are you going through today? Where do you feel lost? Remember these three things.

  1. Nothing is too big for God.
  2. He is listening.
  3. He has a plan.

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