World Changers

A few years ago, John Mayer released a song entitled, “Waiting on the World to Change”. Did this song frustrate anyone other than me?

It raised a good discussion, but there was no resolution. No action required. Who wants to wait on change? Do we really want to see a need that requires change, but then simply wait on someone else to do something about it?

Do we want to be “Change Waiters” or “World Changers”?

No one ever made a difference by waiting, by hesitating, or by stalling. Change agents take action! Aggressive, passionate, “I have to do this right now or I will wither up and die” type of action!

So, can we do it? Can we be the ones who stop waiting and start doing. Can we be people of action. Can we be more than just good ideas, but carry those ideas out to finishing? Or more specifically… WILL we do it?

Will we stare down our fears and push ahead?

Will we break through barriers, whether financial, racial, or religious?

Will we commit to the future?

Will we be faithful in the details?

Will we do our part?



I believe we can… and we will.



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