You Don’t Have to be Rich or Famous to be Interesting

You don’t even have to drink Dos Equis.

Vanilla is great in ice cream, not in life.

My wife, Kristen, and I have an ongoing argument that involves ice cream. This argument goes beyond “What is the best flavor?” It drills down to the very heart of the matter… the ice cream base. She loves just about any flavor that begins with chocolate. Even her Dairy Queen Blizzards have to be made with chocolate. Having chocolate simply in the ice cream is never enough. It must be made with chocolate ice cream to begin with. Me on the other hand, I love all things vanilla. Cookies and Cream? Yes. Cookie Dough? Yes! Butter Pecan? For the love of God, yes!

Photo courtesy diamondjoy (
Photo courtesy diamondjoy (

But… As great as it is in ice cream, vanilla kind of sucks in real life.

No one wants to be just “vanilla”. Even in the ice cream world, I rarely choose plain vanilla, unless I have some warm peach cobbler to put it on! (Can you tell it’s almost lunch time!)

Vanilla equals plain.



Vanilla means anything but INTERESTING!

Yet, that is how many of us go through life- as just plain ol’ vanilla. We are just average people with average lives.

Keep moving, nothing special to see here!

The ONE thing that separates average from interesting

I believe that all of us want to be interesting on some level. We may not want to be famous or be the most popular, but we want to matter to people. Maybe it’s just one person or maybe it’s a whole tribe of people. But we want to matter. We want to be interesting to those people. If a book was written about our lives, we would want them to read it.

And love every word of it!

So, how do we move from average to interesting? How do we cross over from ordinary to awesome?

Answer: Discover your purpose.

I feel as though I can hear you groaning from here. Don’t groan, just listen.

I have met a lot of interesting people in my life. I didn’t say famous. I didn’t say rich. I said interesting. I have a friend that has over 100,000 readers every month based on a college sports blog (Hammer & Rails). I have other friends that packed up everything and moved to Uganda to help make shoes for children suffering from tiny bugs in the dirt called jiggers (Sole Hope). Another friend of mine has turned her love of Sci-Fi into a popular blog where she reviews books, movies, and TV shows (Sci-Fi Chick).

None of them are rich or famous. But they are all interesting! Why? Because they have discovered their purpose and they are going after it with all of their heart!

I understand your groans of frustration. You probably believe me when I say that discovering your purpose is the one thing that will make you truly interesting. But the frustration you are feeling comes from the fact that you have yet to discover your purpose. And even worse, you aren’t sure how to even do it.

That’s ok. Stick with me and we will get there. That’s what this whole Phosphorus Project is all about! But can you promise me one thing?

This one thing will change everything for you.

Will you make discovering your purpose a priority?

That’s it. That’s all I want you to do today. But that is HUGE! Once you make that commitment, there is no turning back. But once you make that commitment, I promise to walk along side of you the rest of the way. This is what gets me excited in life. This is my purpose… Helping other people discover their true purpose in life and equipping them with the tools necessary to achieve that goal!

There is no doubt in my mind that you can discover your purpose in life. But you have to truly want it. You may have to make sacrifices for it. You may have to make some life changes for it. But this is what makes for a life worth living.

If you want to be interesting, then it’s time to get serious about discovering your true purpose!

[reminder]If you are willing to commit to discovering your purpose, I challenge you to leave a comment or email me at If you have a specific question about finding your purpose or God’s will, please let me know![/reminder]

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